Yamuna Zake is a master body therapist, creator of the YAMUNA® Body Rolling fitness and therapy system (YBR), the YAMUNA® Body Logic (YBL) hands-on therapy, and YAMUNA® Foot Fitness (YFF). These three related practices combine injury prevention, healing, and wellness that lasts a lifetime. 
Yamuna’s philosophy is to empower people to take care of their own bodies. Her goal is to affordably give everyone access to optimal health, starting from the inside out: with the bones and muscles. "If everyone knew how to care for their body, we could prevent many of the unnecessary structural problems that eventually age us before our time," she says. Her clients and students can testify that when you have the tools to keep your body pain-free and flexible throughout life, you don’t experience the stiffness and restrictions associated with aging. You can also fix all sorts of problems, ranging from plantar fasciitis, bunions, sciatica, and herniated disks to fibromyalgia and low-back, neck, and shoulder pain.
Over more than 25 years, Yamuna has relieved all kinds of pain for thousands of people, teaching them how to achieve healthy, fully functioning bodies with minimal effort. She owns the YAMUNA® studio in Greenwich Village, offering classes, individual sessions, and professional training in YBR, YFF, and YBL. Her hundreds of certified practitioners practice across the country and all over the world.
Yamuna has authored two books on YBR: The Ultimate Body Rolling Workout: The Revolutionary Way to Tone, Lengthen, and Realign Your Body (Broadway Books, 2004) and Body Rolling: An Experiential Approach to Complete Muscle Release (Healing Arts Press, 1997).
YBR and YFF are central components of the fitness and healing programs at Canyon Ranch. Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, W Magazine, Health, Shape, Self, Fit, Jane, Luxury Spa Finder, Fitness, and Yoga Journal have all featured Yamuna’s work. For more information, visit www.yamunabodyrolling.com.